Asset Management
  • Construction and Urban Renewal
    Active in its response to the report presented during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (NCCPC) as well the need to “accelerate the establishment of a housing system featuring multi-agent supply, a multi-channel guarantee, and options for both renting and purchasing” proposed at the Central Economic Work Conference, the Company is persistent in making sure “housing remains as intended rather than for speculation”. It delivers reasonable investment and financing options to urban construction projects that meet housing policy and supervision requirements and supports the development and construction of units for rent and joint property ownership. Urban renewal is also of major concern, and for this, ZRT accepts nothing but the most reasonable and scientific measures to regulate property market positioning and function settings to make regional reconstruction more than just possible and bring cities closer to modernity.
  • Upgrading Traditional and Supporting Emerging Industries
    ZRT embraces China’s supply-side structural reform. To serve the real economy while still keeping up with its obligations in the financial sector, the Company is firm in its implementation of five priority tasks, namely cutting overcapacity, reducing excess inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs, and strengthening areas of weakness. On the one hand, it provides financial support for traditional industries to close outdated production facilities and upgrade related technology; on the other hand, ZRT encourages the development of emerging strategic industries and promotes more thorough integration of the Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the real economy, fostering new growth engines and new momentum in such areas as consumption upgrading, biomedicine, green and low-carbon energy, the sharing economy, and modern supply chains. While it remains steadfast in its efforts, ZRT still does not neglect its work in general financial services, such as those concerning private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and industry funds.
  • Support for Major National Strategies
    The Company actively supports and participates in the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, with a focus on key areas (such as electricity, petroleum, railways, civil aviation, and telecommunications) defined by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). By giving priority to key businesses with obvious areas of expertise and differentiated competitive edges, ZRT is engaged in the capital operation of state-owned enterprises across mergers, reorganizations, holistic listings or carve-outs, the listing of assets, and the listing of subsidiaries in the form of equities, debt-to-equity swaps, and creditor’s rights. This is all with the intent of helping such enterprises further improve their corporate governance, operational efficiency, and profitability through mixed ownership reform.
    Echoing the national strategy of developing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, ZRT focuses on areas along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and is bent toward enabling infrastructural connectivity to help improve transportation, energy, and communications along these routes through trust loans, industrial funds, PPPs, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of business. At the same time, the Company is placing renewed focus on enterprises along the Belt and Road that are involved in key domains (e.g. trade and investment), and it is also active in providing financial support to provinces and cities in central and western China to bring them to catch up and sometimes even surpass other regions.
  • Investment in Standard Products
    China has established a multi-layer capital market system which allows for the optimization of corporate financing means and the deepening of financial system reform. The Company has set up a professional standard asset investment management team mainly geared toward institutional clients, and it has an investment business scope covering domestic and foreign primary security markets, Private Investment in Public Equities (PIPEs), and secondary security markets, with its managed money market fund products focused on liquidity management. ZRT also sets great value in the rationalization of asset structure and is intent on seeking sustainable and maximum benefits for customers to optimize their investment strategies and find the optimal balance between investment risks and returns.
  • Asset Securitization
    Liquidizing remnant assets and improving asset efficiency are one of the effective ways that financial support can affect the real economy. On top of the Company’s proven experience in the field of asset securitization regarding the rights of trust beneficiaries, in 2012, the Company obtained qualifications as a trustee for specific purpose trusts, and it has been quick to make full use of the trust’s institutional advantages. These advantages have allowed ZRT to provide a number of commercial banks and other loan service agencies with securitization services related to corporate credit assets, auto loans, mortgages, personal consumer loans, and other quality assets with stable cash flow in mature markets such as the interbank market, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, and the Bank Credit Asset Registration and Transfer Center.
  • Public Welfare and Charity
    The Central Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China and those present at the 19th NCCPC both made a call during their sessions for China to put its fullest effort toward resolving its issues with risk prevention, poverty, and pollution within the next three years. In response, ZRT has returned to trust-based business and has started giving great impetus to public welfare and charitable trusts, with a greater focus on such areas as supporting those who are stricken with poverty, educating the poor, and preventing environmental pollution, all with the idea of developing future social welfare projects and undertakings.
  • Family Trusts
    With China’s recent and rapid economic and social development, the national standard of living has seen marked and continued improvement, and household wealth is growing all the more to scale. To meet the needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) regarding wealth inheritance, protection, management, and increase, ZRT leverages its expertise in trust and investment banking and prefers professional service organizations (such as leading law and accounting firms) to achieve milestones in family development. Utilizing family funds as the carrier and family trusts as the main tool, a well-designed and dynamic execution of comprehensive solutions can be offered to family customers, but the Company’s business does not simply stop there. With ZRT, family wealth can be kept for the future education of younger family members, corporate governance, public charity, and other extended services, and the Company is willing to bend over backwards to help its family customers handle their wealth and ensure their lasting success.
  • Consumer and Technological Finance
    As China continues with its massive economic restructuring, consumption, severing one of the “troikas” driving national economic development will make an increasingly greater contribution toward economic growth. As such, the Company has established partnerships with several leading e-commerce platforms, providing integrated services in financing, consumption, and wealth management for small and micro businesses as well as online shoppers through a consumer finance business model that caters to the primary demand of residents in pursuit of a better life. ZRT will also be adamant in its promotion of high-tech research; strengthened coordination and cooperation with governments, non-profit organizations, corporations, and social intermediary agencies; the capitalization of diversified financial instruments and innovative institutional arrangements to advance scientific and technological development, achievement-centric transformation, and the development of high-tech industries; and, finally, the creation of an innovative multi-resource system that serves technology companies and facilitates scientific and technological achievement.



  Beijing Zhongrong Dingxin Investment Management Co. Ltd. (ZRTDX) is an investment subsidiary wholly owned by ZRT and approved by CBRC with a paid-in capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Filed with the Asset Management Association of China, ZRTDX is a qualified manager of private security funds that provides professional asset management services through the issuance of private funds, being specifically specialized in private equity investments, comprehensive services for public companies, security investments and cash management. ZRTDX has a competent professional team with rich experience in operations, project development and risk management and also has a long-standing record of excellent performance. 






  Zhongrong Fund, formerly known as SSGA Fund, was established after being approved by CSRC on May 16, 2013, finalizing registration in SAIC and obtaining a business license on May 31, 2013. Today, as permitted by CSRC, it is qualified to engage in fund collection and sales, general asset management, asset management for special clients and other related business with a current paid-in capital totaling 1.15 billion yuan.

  The ownership structure of the company sees ZRT contributing 51% of shares and Shanghai Rongcheng Investment Co. Ltd. contributing 49%. ZRF adopts an improved risk-control system, which targets client demands and follows laws pertaining to fund development, while relying on the powerful strengths of shareholders and utilizing a steady operating style. As it makes its presence known in various aspects and directions, the company strives to create compelling values for its investors and is devoted to providing them with long-term and stable returns. 


Zhongrong International Capital Management Limited (HongKong)


  Carrying the No.4 and No.9 licenses issued by SFC, ZRICM is engaged in direct investment and asset management business to provide ?nancing and investment support to both sides of cross-border transactions. Leveraging upon the unique advantages of extensive clients network in China and direct access to international capital market in Hong Kong, ZRICM is specialized in providing integrated ?nancial solutions including direct investment and asset management.