Legal Notice

  The phrasal term “laws and regulations” refers to all laws, administrative regulations, judicial explanations, local rules and regulations, departmental rules, other regulatory documents and occasional revisions and appendixes to such laws and regulations that are currently valid and effective in the People’s Republic of China. The term “laws”, in the broad sense, refers to all regulatory documents and, in the narrow sense, only refers to regulatory documents enacted by the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China and its Standing Committee. When speaking of laws and regulations together, the term “laws” is used in the narrow sense. The term “regulations” refers to administrative and local regulations as well as those regulations for China’s autonomous regions and special economic zones. 

  I. Laws and regulations are explicit. In the form of legal provisions, laws and regulations clearly tell the people what can and/or cannot be done, what behaviors are and/or are not legal and what penalties are to be issued in the event of violating such laws and regulations. The above is accomplished through means of legislation and general legal education, and the explicit awareness of such laws and regulations constitutes the basic premise of their related knowledge and execution.
  II. Laws and regulations are preventive. Through explicit awareness of laws and regulations, their enforcement and possible penalization for violation, we can ensure laws and regulations are preventive in nature. Such explicit awareness helps the people know what is right and what is wrong. Specifically speaking, the people should know what they can and/or cannot do as they live their daily lives, what possible penalizations await in the event of potential violations and what possible room for leniency there may or may not be. With such knowledge, the general populace shapes its daily thinking and behavior to avoid committing related crimes and violations, and strict, timely and effective law enforcement can warn people not to disobey laws and regulations and therefore remind them that any violation can and will be swiftly met with all due force of law. Each and every person will thus draw a mental line that cannot be crossed, and only in this way can it be made sure that all people obey relevant laws, regulations and statutes. 
  III. Laws and regulations are corrective and regulatory. Through enforcement, any illegal behavior found in society is able to be mechanically corrected, with violators made to turn back toward a normal and legal path. This means that those willingly overstepping the law will be pressured to reform their ways in order to correct any and all illegal activity. 
  IV. Laws and regulations help purify the people’s minds, change social behaviors and cleanse the social environment, thus bringing social benefit to all. Through them, interpersonal relations, efficiency, and overall morality can be improved throughout society. A truly law-governed society is highly orderly, stable, efficient and civilized. This is the ultimate goal and fundamental role of legal governance. 



  Beijing Zhongrong Dingxin Investment Management Co. Ltd. (ZRTDX) is an investment subsidiary wholly owned by ZRT and approved by CBRC with a paid-in capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Filed with the Asset Management Association of China, ZRTDX is a qualified manager of private security funds that provides professional asset management services through the issuance of private funds, being specifically specialized in private equity investments, comprehensive services for public companies, security investments and cash management. ZRTDX has a competent professional team with rich experience in operations, project development and risk management and also has a long-standing record of excellent performance. 






  Zhongrong Fund, formerly known as SSGA Fund, was established after being approved by CSRC on May 16, 2013, finalizing registration in SAIC and obtaining a business license on May 31, 2013. Today, as permitted by CSRC, it is qualified to engage in fund collection and sales, general asset management, asset management for special clients and other related business with a current paid-in capital totaling 1.15 billion yuan.

  The ownership structure of the company sees ZRT contributing 51% of shares and Shanghai Rongcheng Investment Co. Ltd. contributing 49%. ZRF adopts an improved risk-control system, which targets client demands and follows laws pertaining to fund development, while relying on the powerful strengths of shareholders and utilizing a steady operating style. As it makes its presence known in various aspects and directions, the company strives to create compelling values for its investors and is devoted to providing them with long-term and stable returns. 


Zhongrong International Capital Management Limited (HongKong)


  Carrying the No.4 and No.9 licenses issued by SFC, ZRICM is engaged in direct investment and asset management business to provide ?nancing and investment support to both sides of cross-border transactions. Leveraging upon the unique advantages of extensive clients network in China and direct access to international capital market in Hong Kong, ZRICM is specialized in providing integrated ?nancial solutions including direct investment and asset management.